Sinus Headache is a common term used by patients and some healthcare providers to describe pain or pressure in the face, over the cheeks or forehead, or between or behind the eyes (where the sinuses are located). Sinus headache, however, is not a medical diagnosis, but rather a description of symptoms of headaches.


Understanding and Addressing Fungal Sinusitis Square

Fungal Sinusitis: Understanding and Addressing Fungal Sinusitis in Woodbury, CT

Fungal sinusitis is a broad term used to describe various situations when fungus might be involved in the cause or symptoms of nasal and sinus inflammation. Our noses facilitate breathing by helping to keep out potentially harmful dirt, allergens, and other agents but when they become infected or inflamed, breathing becomes uncomfortable or difficult. Learn more about some of the common sinus and nasal conditions Naugatuck Valley ENT can diagnose and treat. If you are suffering from sinus and nasal conditions, please contact Naugatuck Valley ENT at (203) 578-4630 to set up an appointment.