Burning Mouth Syndrome (Glossodynia) refers to pain or a hot, burning sensation in the mouth or oral cavity. Patients usually experience it on the tongue, but some patients feel burning in multiple areas of the mouth, including the lips, top, or bottom of the mouth. As many as 15 percent of the population can experience symptoms at some point in their life, but less than one percent of patients report continuous burning symptoms. It is more common in females and in middle-aged or older patients. Typically, the oral cavity appears normal.


Understanding and Addressing Burning Mouth Syndrome Square

Understanding and Addressing Burning Mouth Syndrome in Wallingford, CT

Burning Mouth Syndrome (BMS), also known as glossodynia, causes discomforting sensations of heat or pain in the mouth. Though commonly felt on the tongue, BMS can also affect other areas like the lips, roof, and floor of the mouth. Despite its prevalence, with up to 15 percent of people experiencing symptoms, continuous burning is reported by less than one percent, often observed more in females and middle-aged or older individuals, despite a seemingly normal oral cavity appearance.